With financial markets around the globe filled with uncertainty, family offices are required, more than ever, to constantly re-think their Asset Allocation strategies to create a balance between wealth protection and investment opportunity.

Drawing on the findings of the FT Family Office Asset Allocation Research, the FT China Summits will provide an opportunity for UHNW families to understand strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions being made by the world’s best advisers and most successful financial families.

Summit Highlights:

  • - Analysis of asset allocation trends of world’s wealthiest families
  • - Understand strategic asset allocation across global markets
  • - Finding value in turbulent economic conditions.
  • - Preparing NextGen to be successful custodians of wealth

This VIP invitation only event will provide an exclusive forum for China UHNW / Family Offices and financial institutions to discuss the solutions to the diverse range of issues facing family offices with key note addresses delivered by some of the industry’s most well known and respected orators.

A co-branded Financial Times and G9 event.

Who attends?

Unlike many events the FT audience is a directly invited audience comprising current and next gen members of UHNW Chinese families, often accompanied by the CIOs of their family offices. This is an audience of potential clients, not an audience of competitors and participants will be screened tightly by FT.


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  • James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

  • James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor, Financial Times

    James Kynge is emerging markets editor and associate editor at the Financial Times. He is also chairman of FT Confidential Research, a premium research service on China, South East Asia and Latin America that he founded in 2009.

    A recipient of several journalism awards, Kynge has been a correspondent based in Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, former Soviet Central Asia and Hong Kong over the past 28 years. He was China Bureau Chief for seven years until 2005 and later headed up the Pearson Group of companies' business operations in China. He was also President of FTChinese.com, the FT's Chinese language website.

    His prize-winning book "China Shakes the World" was an international bestseller, translated into 19 languages.